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Seven years ago a semi-regular email list to a handful of friends evolved into this music blog. At the time I was being courted by a small internet radio station (in the days when such a thing had not yet become mainstream) to produce a live weekly show. This blog would have coincided with the show, but for a number of reasons that show never became a reality.

The blog survived and morphed over the years, changing gears a few times with my interests and availability. But now it must come to an end. My life is changing in ways that are pulling me away from internet activities.

Rather than continue this project on an inconsistent basis, I am shutting down and referring you to a few of my favourite music blogs in no particular order: Birds With Broken Wings, The Music’s Over, Any Major Dude With Half A Heart, Adios Lounge, A Closet of Curiosities, Waxidermy, Theme Lounge, The Rising Storm, Parkdale Funk, Never Enough Rhodes, and Beautiful Song Of The Week.

Many thanks to all those who bothered to post a comment or email some encouraging words over the last several years. It’s been fun.

The Basement Rug will remain online as an archive for the time being, but not indefinitely. So if you haven’t done so already, now is the time to enjoy the many podcasts and compilations here before they are gone forever.