Harry Breuer Quintet – Mallet Magic

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I keep telling myself I won’t get sucked further into the surrealistic world of exotic albums, but well, they’re just so damned addictive! Like many collectors, one of the things I like best about the era of Space Age Pop albums is the artwork. Not just the jacket designs, but the fact that they used expensive coating methods to preserve the covers. Despite being more than 50 years old, this little 1957 gem from the Audio Fidelity label is in near mint condition. The artwork holds up because of the coating, and the vinyl is a deep-groove pressing on heavy vinyl, which not only wears better, but has better tracking and a wider dynamic range. Mallet Magic, by Harry Breuer and his Quintet is one of the first stereo records ever produced. Rather than create an MP3 rip from my LP, I am re-posting a download from the SAP Music blog.

Track Listing:

1) Mosquitos’ Parade March
2) Flapperette
3) Bumble Bee Bolero
4) Chinese Doll
5) Chiapanecas
6) Maxixe Mambo
7) Samba Macabre
8) Maple Leaf Jump
9) Tulip Polka
10) Buffoon
11) Glockenspiel Gavotte
12) La Rosita

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