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    Many thanks to Doug Schulkind for plugging this offering over at WFMU.

    Doug was hoping I would offer up Volumes 1 and 2, but I do not own them as yet. Luckily all 3 boxsets are a part of the permanent collection at the Toronto Reference Library: New Orleans, Chicago. They cannot be removed from the library, but they have listening stations there with headphones, so perhaps I can figure out some way to transcribe them there. All of the music is public domain.

    I must say that I was surprised at how good most of these recordings sound considering their age. There are a couple of real gems in this set, including “Red Beans And Rice”, by Gladys Bentley. I enjoyed the female vocalists in this collection so much that I am putting together a podcast called The Dames of Harlem, which should be available by December 22nd, so stay tuned!

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    Thanks… A fine collection that I first encountered in the library of a radio station where I worked, but haven’t heard for years.

    The booklet, though, seems to be a corrupt file. It downloads successfully, but can’t be unpacked. Please reupload it if you can.

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    Sorry about the corruption in the booklet file. If I can find a backup of that material I will re-post it. Be sure to check out my podcast, The Dames Of Harlem.

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