Bring Out Your Dead 2012 – Video Playlist

Bring Out Your Dead

Well it’s that time of year again when we must consider the many artists who won’t be with us in 2013 and beyond. While we are putting together our annual compilation and podcast, you might consider watching some of the videos in the playlist below as you review the list of artists who left us during 2012 (stay tuned here for updates). Many thanks to The Dead Rock Stars Club (I have archived their 2012 listings) and The Music’s Over blog and all of their sources for the following summary:

Mike Auldridge (December 29, 2012) Dobro Legend
Fontella Bass (December 26, 2012) American Soul Singer; Had Hit With “Rescue Me”
Ray Collins (December 24, 2012) Vocalist for Frank Zappa and The Mothers of Invention
Mike Scaccia (December 23, 2012) Guitarist For Rigor Mortis & Ministry
Lee Dorman (December 21, 2012) Bassist For Iron Butterfly
Jimmy McCracklin (December 20, 2012) West Coast Blues Great
Willie Ackerman (December 13, 2012) Legendary Nashville Session Drummer
Ravi Shankar (December 11, 2012) World Renowned Indian Musician
Huw Lloyd-Langton (December 6, 2012) Hawkwind Guitarist
Ed Cassidy (December 6, 2012) Founding Drummer Of Spirit
Dave Brubeck (December 5, 2012) Renowned Jazz Pianist
Austin Peralta (November 21, 2012) Jazz Piano Prodigy and Composer
Billy Scott (November 17, 2012) Beach Music Legend
Martin Fay (November 14, 2012) The Cheiftains
John Napier (November 11, 2012) Ethyl Meatplow
Major Harris (November 9, 2012) Philly Soul Singer; member of The Delfonics
Pete Namlook (November 8, 2012) Electronic Music Pioneer
Cleve Duncan (November 7, 2012) Doo Wop’s The Penguins; Sang “Earth Angel”
Mitch Lucker (November 1, 2012) Lead Singer Of Suicide Silence
Natina Reed (October 26, 2012) American Rapper & Singer; Member of Blaque
David S. Ware (October 18, 2012) American Jazz Saxophonist
B.B. Cunningham (October 14, 2012) Gave Us “Let It All Hang Out,” Played With Jerry Lee Lewis
Nils Koppruch (October 10, 2012) Popular German Singer-Songwriter
Danny Sims (October 3, 2012) Music Executive; Managed Bob Marley
Raylene Rankin (Septmeber 30, 2012) The Rankin Family
R. B. Greaves (September 27, 2012) Had Hit With “Take A Letter Maria”
Big Jim Sullivan (October 2, 2012) Legendary UK Session Guitarist; Played On Over 1000 Charting Singles
Andy Williams (September 25, 2012) Iconic American Crooner
James “Sugar Boy” Crawford (September 15, 2012) New Orleans R&B Great
Johnny Perez (September 11, 2012) Sir Douglas Quintet
Homer Joy (September 11, 2012) Wrote “Streets Of Bakersfield”
Sluggy Ranks (July 29, 2012) Dancehall Reggae Singer
Lou Martin (August 17, 2012) Played With Rory Gallagher
George Gallacher (August 25, 2012) The Poets
Lillian Lopez (September 4, 2012) Lead Singer For Odyssey; Had Big Disco Hit With “Native New Yorker”
Dorothy McGuire (September 7, 2012) The McGuire Sisters
Matthew Africa (September 3, 2012) Popular San Francisco Disc Jockey
Jason Noble (August 4, 2012) Played In Rachel’s, Rodan, & Shipping News
Joe South (September 5, 2012) Popular ’70s Singer-Songwriter
Kevin O’Hare (August 4, 2012) Respected Music Critic
Mark Abrahamian (September 2, 2012) Starshp Lead Guitarist
John Stockfish (August 20, 2012) Bassist For Gordon Lightfoot
Hal David (September 1, 2012) Award Winning Lyricist
Bill Tillman (August 29, 2012) Blood, Sweat & Tears
Chris Lighty (August 30, 2012) Managed 50 Cent, Diddy, Mariah Carey, Ja Rule
Chavela Vargas (August 5, 2012) Beloved Ranchera Singer
Stuart Swanlund (August 4, 2012) Marshall Tucker Band Guitarist
James McLaren (August 6, 2012) Welsh Music Journalist
Shimrit Shoshan (August 19, 2012) Young Jazz Pianist
Jay Parker (July 30, 2012) Designed Iconic Sun Records Logo
Byard Lancaster (August 23, 2012) Jazz Great
Carl Davis (August 9, 2012) Acclaimed R&B Producer
Matthew McAnuff (August 22, 2012) Young Reggae Singer
Gary Cox (August 12, 2012) Artful Dodger
Willa Ward (August 12, 2012) Gospel Music Icon
Scott McKenzie (August 18, 2012) Had Hit With “San Francisco (Be Sure to Wear Flowers in Your Hair)”
Bob Birch (August 15, 2012) Journeyman Bassist; Played With Elton John, Billy Joel, Cher
Brent Grulke (August 13, 2012) Creative Director For South By Southwest
Von Freeman (August 11, 2012) Chicago Jazz Great
Ranking Trevor (August 7, 2012) Reggae Dancehall Pioneer
Marvin Hamlisch (August 6, 2012) American Composer
Johnnie Bassett (August 4, 2012) Detroit Blues Great
Jimmy Jones (August 2, 2012) Early ’60s Hit Maker
Tony Sly (August 1, 2012) Lead Singer For No Use For A Name
Bill Doss (July 30, 2012) Olivia Tremor Control
Tony Martin (July 27, 2012) Popular American Actor & Singer; Career Spanned 76 Years
Larry Hoppen (July 24, 2012) Co-Founder Of Orleans
Ms. Melodie (July 18, 2012) Boogie Down Productions
Danny American (July 17, 2012) West End Crooks
Bob Babbitt (July 16, 2012) Legendary Motown Funk Brothers Bassist
Kitty Wells (July 16, 2012) Country Music Legend
Jon Lord (July 16, 2012) Deep Purple; Whitesnake
Maurice D. Davis (July 13, 2012) Motown’s Funk Brothers
Bucky Adams (July 13, 2012) Canadian Jazz Legend
Perry Baggs (July 12, 2012) Jason & The Scorchers
Lol Coxhill (July 10, 2012) English Jazz Saxophonist
Maria Hawkins Cole (July 10, 2012) Jazz Singer; Wife Of Nat King Cole; Mother of Natalie Cole
Uncle Lionel Batiste (July 8, 2012) New Orleans Jazz Great
Dennis Flemion (July 7, 2012) The Frogs; Smashing Pumpkins
Andy Griffith (July 3, 2012) Beloved Actor & Grammy Winning Singer
Yomo Toro (June 30, 2012) Popular Puerto Rican Musician
Susanna Clark (June 27, 2012) American Songwriter & Artist / Wife Of Guy Clark
Don Grady (June 27, 2012) Musician, Composer, and Star of Television
John Koko (June 25, 2012) Popular Hawaiian Musician
Jeff Sugarman (June 21, 2012) The Prime Movers
Victor Spinetti (June 18, 2012) Actor In Three Beatles Films
Brian Hibbard (June 17, 2012) The Flying Pickets
Scott Johnson (June 16, 2012) Drum Tech: Victim Of Radiohead Stage Collapse
Abram Wilson (June 9, 2012) Jazz Trumpeter & Singer
Bob Welch (June 7, 2012) Fleetwood Mac
Lil’ Phat (June 7, 2012) Up-And-Coming Atlanta Rapper
George Marino (June 4, 2012) Legendary Recording Engineer
Bobby Durango (June 3, 2012) Rock City Angels
Frazier Mohawk (June 2, 2012) Helped Form Buffalo Springfield
Faruq Z. Bey (June 1, 2012) Avant Garde Jazz Saxophonist
Pete Cosey (May 30, 2012) Guitarist For Miles Davis
Doc Watson (May 29, 2012) Folk Music Icon
John Harrison (May 26, 2012) Founding Bassist Of Hawkwind
Hal Jackson (May 23, 2012) Radio Pioneer
Eddie Blazonczyk (May 21, 2012) The Polka King
Steeve Hurdle (May 20, 2012) Former Guitarist For Gorguts
Robin Gibb (May 20, 2012) The Bee Gees
Robert Nix (May 20, 2012) Atlanta Rhythm Section
Peter Jones (May 18, 2012) Crowded House
Donna Summer (May 17, 2012) Disco Icon
Doug Dillard (May 16, 2012) Banjo Great; The Dillards
Chuck Brown (May 16, 2012) The Godfather Of Go-Go
Belita Woods (May 14, 2012) R&B Singer
Donald “Duck” Dunn (May 13, 2012) Booker T. & The MG’s
Celso Chavez (May 9, 2012) Possum Dixon
Clive Welham (May 9, 2012) Early Bandmate Of Syd Barrett and David Gilmour
Everett Lilly (May 8, 2012) Bluegrass’ The Lilly Brothers
Michael “Iron Man” Burks (May 6, 2012) Arkansas Blues Man
Sweet Joe Russell (May 5, 2012) The Persuasions
Adam Yauch (May 4, 2012) Also Known As MCA Of The Beastie Boys
Lloyd Brevett (May 3, 2012) Founding Member Of The Skatalites
Charles “Skip” Pitts (May 1, 2012) Prominent Guitarist On “Shaft”
Jim McCrary (April 29, 2012) Rock Photographer
Todd Simko (April 26, 2012) Canadian Musician & Producer
Chris Ethridge (April 23, 2012) International Submarine Band; Flying Burrito Brothers
Bert Weedon (April 20, 2012) Influential English Electric Guitarist
Levon Helm (April 19, 2012) Drummer For The Band
Greg Ham (April 19, 2012) Men At Work
Dick Clark (April 18, 2012) Ameica’s Oldest Teenager
Andrew Love (April 12, 2012) The Memphis Horns
Ritchie Teeter (April 10, 2012) Former Dictators Drummer
Barbara Buchholz (April 10, 2012) Respected Theremin Player & Composer
Scott Ricciuti (April 5, 2012) Boston Area Musician
Barney McKenna (April 5, 2012) The Dubliners
Jim Marshall (April 5, 2012) Founder Of Marshall Amps
Jimmy Little (April 2, 2012) Australian Aboriginal Singer-Songwriter
Earl Scruggs (March 28, 2012) Bluegrass Icon
Nick Noble (March 24, 2012) Popular ’50s Pop Singer
Vince Lovegrove (March 24, 2012) Australian Artist Manager & Journalist
Eric Lowen (March 23, 2012) Celebrated Singer-Songwriter; Lowen & Navarro
Will (March 23, 2012) Former Lead Singer of Mastic Scum
Karl Roy (March 13, 2012) Pinoy Rock Star
Michael Hossack (March 12, 2012) Drummer For The Doobie Brothers
Terry Teene (March 9, 2012) ’60s Rockabilly Singer
Jimmy Ellis (March 8, 2012) Lead Singer Of The Trammps; Had Huge Hit With “Disco Inferno”
Bugs Henderson (March 8, 2012) Texas Blues Great
Robert Sherman (March 5, 2012) Wrote Several Iconic Disney Songs
Ronnie Montrose (March 3, 2012) Rock Guitar Great
Davy Jones (February 29, 2012) Lead Singer of The Monkees
Louisiana Red (February 25, 2012) Blues Great
Mike Melvoin (February 23, 2012) Jazz Pianist; Studio Session Legend
Billy Strange (February 22, 2012) Legendary Session Guitarist & Songwriter
Christopher Reimer (February 21, 2012) Guitarist For Acclaimed Canadian Band, Women
Joe Thompson (February 20, 2012) Bluegrass Great
Michael Davis (February 17, 2012) Bassist For The MC5
Jon McIntire (February 16, 2012) Managed The Grateful Dead
Clive Shakespeare (February 15, 2012) Co-founder Of Sherbet
Dory Previn (February 14, 2012) Renowned Songwriter
Tonmi Lillman aka Otus (February 14, 2012) Drummer For Lordi
Jodie Christian (February 13, 2012) Jazz Piano Great
Whitney Houston (February 11, 2012) Pop Music Icon
Jimmy Sabater Sr. (February 8, 2012) Latin Music Great
Wando (February 8, 2012) Brazilian Singer-songriter
Snuffy Smith (February 4, 2012) Respected Banjo Maker
Phil Brown (February 2, 2012) The Records
Mike Kelley (February 1, 2012) Influential Visual Artist & Musician
David Peaston (February 1, 2012) Popular R&B and Gospel Singer
Don Cornelius (February 1, 2012) Creator & Host Of “Soul Train”
King Stitt (January 31, 2012) Legendary Jamaican DeeJay
Leslie Carter (January 31, 2012) Aspiring Singer, Sister Of Nick Carter & Aaron Carter
Tony Tecumseh (January 29, 2012) Founder of ’60s Psych Band, Afterglow
Clare Fischer (January 26, 2012) Legendary Arranger, Composer & Jazz Musician
Mark Reale (January 25, 2012) Founder Of Influential Metal Band, Riot
Dick Kniss (January 25, 2012) Bassist For Peter, Paul & Mary and John Denver
Ronnie Smith (January 21, 2012) K.C. & The Sunshine Band
John Levy (January 20, 2012) Pioneering African-American Manager
Larry Butler (January 20, 2012) Successful Country Musician & Producer
Etta James (January 20, 2012) Beloved American Singer
Winston Riley (January 19, 2012) Jamaican Musician & Producer
Errol Scorcher (January 19, 2012) Jamaican Raggae Deejay
Johnny Otis (January 17, 2012) R&B Great; Had Hit With “Willie and the Hand Jive”
Walter Gaines (January 17, 2012) Motown’s The Originals
Jimmy Castor (January 16, 2012) ’70s Funk Great; Had Hit With “Troglodyte (Cave Man)”
Pee Wee Moultrie (January 15, 2012) Played In Hank Williams’ Drifting Cowboys
Robbie France (January 14, 2012) Drummer For Diamond Head, UFO, Skunk Anansie
Phil Kraus (January 13, 2012) World Renonwed Percussionist
Charlie Collins (January 12, 2012) Played With Roy Acuff
David Whitaker (January 11, 2012) English Composer & Arranger
Cliff Portwood (January 10, 2012) English Footballer Turned Pop Singer
Ruth Fernandez (January 9, 2012) Pioneering Puerto Rican Singer
Bridie Gallagher (January 9, 2012) Popular Irish Ballad Singer
Stefano Scodanibbio (January 8, 2012) Influential Double Bass Player
Dave Alexander aka Omar Sharriff (January 8, 2012) Boogie Woogie Blues Pianist & Singer
Tom Ardolino (January 6, 2012) Long Time Drummer For NRBQ
Kerry McGregor (January 4, 2012) Scottish Singer-Songwriter; Featured On “The X Factor”
Bob Weston (January 3, 2012) Played Guitar In Fleetwood Mac
Larry “Rhino” Reinhardt (January 2, 2012) Guitarist Who Played With Iron Butterfly & Captain Beyond
Esme Barrera (January 1, 2012) Music Lover
Yafa Yarkoni (January 1, 2012) Iconic Israeli Singer
Fred Milano (January 1, 2012) Dion & The Belmonts

The following in-memoriam list for 2012 comes from the Screen Actors Guild:

Elizabeth Abbassi
Ian Abercrombie
Richard C. Adams
Norman Alden
Maurice Alevy
Larry Alexander
Phillip Allen
Miguel Alonso
Bobby Alto
John C. Anders
Bob Anderson
Karanikolas Anneta
Barbara Anson
Charles Anthony
Hugo Ardigo
Dimitra Arliss
Russell Arms
R.G. Armstrong
Billy Arnell
Victor Arnold
Luke Askew
Jeanne Avery
Ruston Ayers
Muriel Bach
Margaret Bacon-Osborn
Ruth Bail
David Banks
Irving Baum
Richard “Dick” Beals
Charlie Beecham
Les Beigel
Emily Bennett
Emma Bennett
Peter Bergman
Jodi Bernstein
Zina Bethune
Etel Billig
Sally Birdsong
John Bisom
Clement E. Blake
James B. Blakeley
Wally Boag
Ernest Borgnine
Dennis Bowen
George Bowes
Ray Bradbury
Esther Brandice
Peter Breck
Steve Bridges
Ed Brigadier
Donald Brinkley
James Brodhead
Masami Brooks
Chuck Brown
Danny J. Brown
Walter Brown
Dave Brubeck
Phillip Bruns
Pamela J. Bryant
Bob Buccino
Philip Buck
Robin Bumbaugh
John C. Burrell
Mary B. Busbee
Robert Bush
John Butler
Caruth Byrd
George Byrne
Frank Cady
Barry Cahill
Edward Call
Claire Callaway
Gail Cameron-Maisonette
Chris Capen
Peter Cardozo
Harry Carey Jr.
Turtle Carney
Janet Carroll
Gary Carter
Leslie Carter
Dee Caruso
Clancy Cassell
William Chapman
George Chapple
Leonardo Cimino
Don Circle
Dick Clark
Gregory Clark
Thomas Clark
Glenn Colerider
Gary Collins
Linda Cook
Mildred Coontz
Sam Coppola
Don Cornelius
Jerome Courtland
Jane Courtney
James Crofwell
Cal Daniel
Glenn E. Darnell
Ben Davidson
Sylvia Davidson-Cheses
Tom Davis
Richard Dawson
Alan Day
Carlos Dejesus
Manuel Depina Dodge
Phyllis Diller
Patricia Donahue
Dan Dorfman
Cyrilla Dorn
John Douglas
Bob Duggan
Michael Clarke Duncan
Angelo Dundee
Stephen Dunham
Donald “Duck” Dunn
Charles Durning
Ed Ecker
Donald Egan
Biff Elliot
James Ellis
Nora Ephron
Tony Epper
Jeanne M. Evans
Mike Evans
Chad Everett
Edythe Fahringer
James Farentino
Doris R. Faye
Leon Ferguson
William F. Finley
John Finnegan
Jeffrey Folger
Jeffrey B. Folger
Fred Ford
Win Forman
Peter Fornatale
Ruth E. Foster
Warren Fox
Steve Franken
Steve Fredericks
Rose Freeman
Al Freeman Jr.
Michael French
Jonathan Frid
Virgil C. Frye
Dick Fujioki
Kathryn V. Fuller
George Hale
Leigh Hamilton
Marvin Hamlisch
Roger Hampton
Pernell Harris
George Harris
Levon Helm
John Holt
Bill Hopkins
Katherine Hopkins-Nicholas
Larry Hoppen
Greg Houston
Hugo Huber
Gale Hyatt
James N. Gale
Martha Gallub
Pat Galo
Conrade Gamble
Ruth Garbell
Ken Garcia
Ben Gazzara
Jerry Gelb
Robin Gibb
Buddy Gilbert
Tony Giorgio
John Gipson
Louis Goldstein
Byron Goto
Rudy Gracia
Don Grady
T.M. Graham
Martha Greenhouse
Andy Griffith
Maria Grimsby
Bill Grimsley
Carol Gustafson
Daniel Hackel
Larry Hagman
John Hallow
Duffy Hambleton
Milt Hamerman
Gwyn Hamilton
Marilyn Hamilton
Roger Hamilton
Danna Hansen
Amanda Hartley
Andy Hedden
Arthur J. Hee
Robert Hegyes
Toni Helfer
Mark Helm
Marko Helm
Sherman Hemsley
Ronald C. Hensley
Barbara Hillman
Michael Hoffer
Chuck Hollis
Celeste Holm
Whitney Houston
Bruce Howard
Huell Howser
Charles Hudson
Howard G. Hudson
Howard Huff
Hray Huff
Grace Ingle
John Ingle
Hal Jackson
Jay Jacobus
Etta James
David A. Jarratt
Lorraine Jass
Don Jay
Carol Jean
Rich Jeffries
Leif Jenson
W.C. Johns
Beatrice Johnson
Kenneth Johnson
Davy Jones
Kathryn Joosten
Erland Josephson
Charles Julian
Rick Kahana
Shirley Kane
Hal Kanter
Ron Karabatsos
Brixton B. Karnes
Alex Karras
Samara K. Katz
Bebe Kelly
David Kelly
Paula Kelly
James Kennedy
Mary Kennedy
Michael Kessler
Bruce Kimball
Zalman King
Lloyd Kino
Howard Kissel
Mark Klastorin
Jack Klugman
Frank Knapp
Elyse Knox
Edward Kranyak
Hal Kuder
David Kuehn
Charles S. Lamb
Bernard J. Landis
Toni Law
James Lawler
Thelma Lee
Wk Leech
Lucas C. Leestemaker
Lance LeGault
Jeffie Legend
Murray Lender
Kenneth Leron
Carol Lewis
Johnny Lewis
Vita Licata
Karl Light
George Lindsey
Herbert Lom
Billy Longo
Jon Lord
Richard Lynch
Todd Lynn
Barry Mackay
Bud Mackenzie
Sonny Mackey
David S. MacNeill
John Madigan
Dorothy Mahoney
Laurie Main
Claire Malis
Joan Mann
Ronald R. Manning
Herman Marcus
Bill Marine
Norman Mark
Marion Marlowe
Frank Marocco
Pamela Marsh
Frances Marshall
James Martin
Tony Martin
Walter Mathews
Walter Mathews
Rafiqa Matthew
Hazel Matz
Marilyn Matz
Joe Mayer
Bill McKenzie
Scott McKenzie
Sarah McMillan
Charles McNabb
Ashley McNicholas
Barbara Mealy
Russell Means
Hazel Medina
Patricia Medina
Simon Mein
Michael Melvoin
T.J. Meyers
Donn B. Miller
Marge Miller
Ben Millman
Lori Mills
Cal Milner
Ronald Montrose
Santos Morales
Armand Morris
Sean Moses
Felicia Muirhead
Marian T. Mukogawa
Turk Muller
Diana Munatones
George Murdock
Pamela Murphy
Milton Murrill
Dani Nally
Norm Nathan
Olivia Natoli
Jerry Nelson
Steve Newman
Ronald W. Nipp
Frank Nisi
Loulie Norman
Frank O’Brien
Ronan O’Casey
Maricela Ochoa
Michael O’Hare
Gregg Oliver
Pauline O’Neil
Chick Oneill
Lupe Ontiveros
Cliff Osmond
Johnny Otis
Augustin Paege
Patti Page
Ron Palillo
Morgan Paull
Bradford Perkins
Fern Persons
Edward Peterson
Kristin Peterson
Sharon Pierson
David Pizzuto
Barbara Poitier
Joe Pollack
Larry C. Polson
Ellis Posey
Paul Price
Hernan Quezada
Bill Rafferty
Deborah Raffin
Bob B. Ramos
Walter Rankin
Marilyn Raphael
Arnold Ratner
Tony Razzano
Herb Reed
Danny Rees
Dorothy Reese
Robin Reinhardt
Ted Reuter
Rosemary Rice
John Rich
Bill Richards
Lois Robards
Shannon Robards
Sandy Robertson
Hank Robinson
Luz E. Rodriguez
Robert Roesner
Rita Rogers
Tony Rogers
Steve Roland
Murray Rose
Louis Ross
Richard Rossemme
Blanche Rubin
Joseph Russell
Ann Rutherford
Catherine Ryan
Doreen Salas
Kurt Samhaber
Nick Santino
Nunzio Sapienza
Vidal Sassoon
Willis Saunders
Marko Sawyer
Marion Schnabel
Helen Schustack
Doug Scott
Brien Scott
Earl Scruggs
Junior Seau
Wayne Shannon
Don Sherman
Robert Sherman
Doris Singleton
Jeffery Smith
Judith Smith
Paul L. Smith
Michael Spangler
Rebecca Spector
Victor Spinetti
Bill Stabler
Richard Stack
Sage Stallone
Warren Stanhope
Chris Stanley
William Steinfeldt
Dale Stephenson
Oren Stevens
Toria Stevens
Warren Stevens
William Strange
Phyllis Study
Bert Sugar
Donna Summer
Yale Summers
William Taber
Jeff Tanner
James Tarwater
Joan Taylor
Kurt Taylor
Jimmy A. Tedesco
James Tennison
Phyllis Thaxter
Scott Thomas
Elwood Thompson
Richard Threlkeld
Jerry Tolbert
Richard Troy
Dick Tufeld
Wyetta Turner
Ginny Tyler
Susan Tyrell
Roberta Vatske
Gore Vidal
Garry Walberg
R.J. Walker
Sullivan Walker
Ronald Wall
Mike Wallace
Steve Wallace
Travis Walters
Simon Ward
Patrick Webster
Jerome Weiss
Bob Welch
Kitty Wells
Peggy West
Kenneth White
Gary Whiteaker
Ralph Wiethorn
Frederick Wilhelms
Andy Williams
Dick Williams
Nicol Williamson
George H. Wilson
Jody Wilson
Yvette Wilson
William Windom
Wayne Winton
Bill Wohrman
Lindsay Workman
Allan R. Wyatt
Adam Yauch


  1. avatar Rugrat

    Check out the many obits for the bass players who died in 2012 over at

  2. avatar Rugrat

    We are almost ready to publish Bring Out Your Dead 2012. So far we have 6 hours of music by more than 90 artists, but we are still looking for recordings by the artists below. Please post links or info here if you can help us out.


    Peter Jones – Crowded House
    Dory Previn — Mythical Kings and Iguanas [1971]


    Phil Brown — The Records
    Perry Baggs – Jason & The Scorchers
    Tony Tecumseh – Founder of ’60s Psych Band, Afterglow
    Willie French Lowery — Lumbee guitarist who did “Streets Of Gold”
    Ritchie Teeter – Former Dictators Drummer


    Winston Riley – Jamaican Musician


    Walter Gaines – Motown’s The Originals
    Jimmy Castor – 70s Funk Great who had Hit With “Troglodyte (Cave Man)”
    Bob Babbitt and Maurice D. Davis – Motown’s Funk Brothers
    Jimmy Ellis – Lead Singer Of The Trammps; Had Huge Hit With “Disco Inferno”
    David Peaston – Popular R&B and Gospel Singer
    Skip Pitts — guitarist on Isaac Hayes’ Shaft


    Dick Kniss – Bassist For Peter, Paul & Mary and John Denver
    Doug Dillard – Banjo Great; The Dillards
    Everett Lilly – The Lilly Brothers (bluegrass)
    Willie Ackerman – Legendary Nashville session drummer
    Terry Teene – 60s Rockabilly Singer
    Larry Donn (Larry Donn Gillihan) — Rockabilly singer/guitarist who did “Honey-Bun”and “That’s What I Call A Ball”


    Bugs Henderson – Texas Blues Great
    Louisiana Red – Blues Great
    Big Walter Price (Walter Travis Price) — Pianist/singer who led Big Walter And His Thunderbirds
    Big Walter Smith — Singer for The Groove Merchants (“Big Storm Coming”and “Rainy Chicago Blues”)
    Eddie King (Edward Lewis Davis Milton) — guitarist for Willie Dixon, Detroit Junior, Sonny Boy Williamson II and Koko Taylor
    Ernie Williams — Blues singer/guitarist, Ernie Williams And The Wildcats


    Jose Roberto Bertrami — Keyboardist for Azymuth
    Von Freeman – Chicago Jazz Great
    Uncle Lionel Batiste – New Orleans Jazz Great
    Faruq Z. Bey – Avant Garde Jazz Saxophonist
    Stefano Scodanibbio – Influential Double Bass Player
    Mike Melvoin – Jazz Pianist; Studio Session Legend
    Jodie Christian – Jazz Piano Great
    Clare Fischer – Legendary Arranger, Composer & Jazz Musician
    John Levy — Double-bassist who worked with Billie Holiday
    Jimmy Sabater — Singer and timbales player with Joe Cuba Sextet, Tito Puente
    Joe Byrd — Bassist/pianist who worked with brother, Charlie Byrd, Jimmy Witherspoon, Mose Allison, Coleman Hawkins
    Teddy Charles — Vibraphonist/pianist, Charlie Parker, Coleman Hawkin, Miles Davis, Artie Shaw, Max Roach, Benny Goodman, Charles Mingus
    Walter Malli (aka Muhammad Malli) — Drummer/saxophonist, Masters Of Unorthodox Jazz and The Reform Art Unit

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