Bring Out Your Dead 2012 – part 1

Bring Out Your Dead 2012 - part 1When I opened Bring Out Your Dead 2011 with a special podcast of songs about death, sung by the recently departed, I thought finding such material was just a matter of dumb luck. After all, death and dying are common song themes. Indeed they are, as I have stumbled upon (really, I didn’t go looking for them) several more for 2012 – what serendipity!

Who better to open such a spiritual journey than Ravi Shankar from his Transmigration Macabre? After that ascention, jazz drummer Pete LaRoca brings us back down to earth with tears from heaven; Deep Purple’s hammond organ legend, Jon Lord tells us a ghost story; and ghetto activist Donna Summer (in her pre-disco days) asks “Am I born to die?” Then Michael Hossack lays down a percussive groove as the Doobie Brothers tell us about their friend Jesus; Bob Welch continues on where Lord left off; Bluegrass legends Mike Auldridge and Doc Watson take us through a couple of gospel harmonies; and Kitty Wells and Cleveland Duncan use angels as metaphors. Finally Robert Nix asks the ultimate question that only death can answer.

Bring Out Your Dead 2012 – part 1:

  1. Ravi Shankar – Death (1967)
  2. Pete LaRoca – Tears Come From Heaven (1965)
  3. Jon Lord (with Paice Ashton Lord) – Ghost Story (1976)
  4. Donna Summer – Born To Die (1974)
  5. Michael Hossack (with The Doobie Brothers) – Jesus Is Just Alright (1972)
  6. Bob Welch (with Fleetwood Mac) – The Ghost (1972)
  7. Mike Auldridge (with The Seldom Scene) – Last Call To Glory (1993)
  8. Doc Watson Prayer – Bells Of Heaven (1988)
  9. Kitty Wells - It Wasn’t God Who Made Honky Tonk Angels (1952)
  10. Cleveland Duncan (with The Penguins) – Earth Angel (1954)
  11. Robert Nix (Atlanta Rhythm Section) – Will I Live On? (1973)


  1. avatar Norwood

    Another great playlist of the recently departed greats. Thanks for the memories.

  2. avatar Rugrat

    Lots more to come (at least 4 hours of music), so stay tuned! :)

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